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Welcome to NewsLex. We Do Awesome Stuff

Hello Everyone! What we do is helpful and effective. We prepared an entire law library in English to save you time, money and energy and three amazing courses for lawyers and mediators. You are one click away from making your business more efficient!


NewsLex is a 24 hour legal assistant for lawyers, legal departments of multinationals and private investors. You can just surf the information and print what you need. It's that simple. 

Click, copy and paste the information. That's all it takes!
Information is nicely structured and user friendly.
Our documents are easy to read and use. You will just love them.


Our services are unique. We have no competition.
We add real value to your business
Your development is at the very heart of our courses
Real Time Updates

The Amazing Benefits

These are the benefits behind our philosophy

Save Time

Do Something Else

Thousands of pages of Romanian laws already translated into English and hundreds of legal templates are simply one click away! 

Save Money

Cost Efficient

Get our products for 10% of the market value. NewsLex saves massive amounts of Euro in translation fees. It's worth it!

No Effort

Just Relax

All translatations are structured by a team of lawyers and provide professional, consistent and accurate content. Trust us!

No Stress

Chill Out

All you have to do is look for the information you need, click and print. That simple! 

What We Do

NewsLex is the host of 250 Romanian laws translated into English and updated periodically and 3 special tailor-made courses for successful lawyers and mediators. NewsLex is one of the kind and is here for you.

Romanian Law Library In English

We are the only law library in Romania that includes the most relevant Romanian laws translated into English and updated regularly. New relevant laws are frequently uploaded. There is nothing more simple and easier to use. Just copy and paste the information you need. Relax and enjoy the freedom !

Courses For Lawyers & Mediators

Training to be a good lawyer / mediator takes a great deal of perseverance and commitment. We encourage professionals to expand their foundations of knowledge and light the fire of success in their brain. Take our courses and join the elite of your profession. Stay ahead of your competition.

The Only Romanian Law Library In English
The Only Training Platform For Lawyers And Mediators

You are a click away from the information you need. Make your life easier and more successful.

Why Should You Buy NewsLex?

Read carefully and see if you resonate. Identify yourself. Dig down and think about it.  

Is This You?

Do you want to improve your results without added stress? To become the best version of yourself, you need to eliminate the negative energy of too much work load. Eliminating inefficiency improves results. NewsLex provides you with a forum to easily access professional information in minimal time and stress free.

Why NewsLex?

NewsLex is the only one of its kind in Romania in terms of the quality of services and products that it offers. NewsLex has no competitor and no alternative. No other company is doing what we do. It is user friendly, professional, comprehensible, easy to use and well structured. Give us a try, give you a break.

The Choice Is Yours

Every day we are faced with a multitude of decisions. Some of these are relatively small such as deciding what to wear. Others are big and can have a major influence on the course of our life, such as deciding to constantly improve our lives. Make a habit of improving your life every time you have the chance.

Laws In English
Areas Of Expertise

Law Library Packages

Our Clients

NewsLex is designed for major law firms and legal departments of multinationals.
NewsLex is very selective. We are honest about who we work best with and for whom we are the best fit. 


Contact Us

We are here for you. We are happy to assist.
Before making a call or placing a question via contact form, please enter FAQ and inform yourself.

Charles de Gaulle Plaza, 1st District, Bucharest, Romania

Phone: +40772079147

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