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Check Our Law Library. We Do Great Stuff

Your ability to effectively communicate with clients could have a huge impact on the success of your practice. We keep an eye on the Romanian law for you. We make useful English translations of the most relevant Romanian laws and offer them to you in real time and with no effort for you. You are one click away from the information that you need.

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Law Library Packages


Everything you ever needed to build powerful legal opinions, reports, newsletters and other legal documents

Don’t lose long hours anymore translating legal text. Just click, copy and paste the information that you need.

Why is worth buying this Law Library?

Read carefully and see if you resonate. Identify yourself. Dig down and think about it.  

Sounds Familiar?

Tired of translating laws for your legal opinions, reports, due diligence and other legal documents? Tired of drafting newsletters to inform your clients of the latest modifications in the Romanian legislation? How about outsourcing them and thus gaining precious time for more important things in your job? Get free! Do it now!

NewsLex Is Your Assistant

We save you time and energy by keeping the latest information at your fingertips. We translate Romanian laws into English and keep them updated to ensure that the legislation is current. We draft newsletters that will keep your clients or your colleagues informed. We also extend our database by constantly adding new laws.

Roll The Dice

NewsLex is the only game in town when it comes to an entire online library of Romanian laws already translated into English. NewsLex has no competitor and is unique on the market. NewsLex is the only online law library in English available in Romania. It is worth having and is just one click away. Be smart and spend wisely!

Pricing Table

We provide a cost-efficient opportunity for your business

€ 7500
One Time


11 Areas of Romanian legislation
in English language

Technical Support

€ 3000


One year-round updates of the Starter
in English language

Technical Support